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monkeyface.gifHi! our name is Tarsier.

I know you wouldn't think it but there are problems with being the smallest monkey in the world. Many people think I'm cute with my big eyes, large ears and head that moves right the way around.

Some people therefore think I'd make a good pet! I don't really. I make a horrible pet because I get so lonely and frightened in cages that aren't surrounded by large trees, bamboo and thick vegitation. Many of my friends who have been taken for pets have been so depressed they have committed suicide! Depression isn't something that only affect you big people you know!

Another reason for our smaller numbers is the reduction in area of the rain forests in the Philippines and other East Asian islands. The forests are being cleared for commercial development and housing for humans. This reduction in area of our homeland is having a similar reduction in our numbers.

Also, because we are monkeys and small there are a number of other animals who like to eat us. I can't blame them for we ourselves eat flys, mosquito's and small lizards so it would be wrong of me to criticise them. However large snakes like the Python and birds of prey like the the Philippine Eagle will both eat us if they get the chance.

We therefore have to hide during the daytime and do most of our hunting at night. However we are getting smaller in numbers and this is worrying. In a human generation or so if this decline doesn't stop we may no longer survive.

You could help in a number of ways. Firstly you could stand up for the rain forests. Click on the box below or join a national organisation that helps save the rain forest. Recycle your paper and rags and use recycling bins to stop forests being chopped down to provide paper. Only buy paper from recycled stock and urge your council to improve its re-cycling of rubbish in its garbage collecting. Put these principles into action both home and at work.

Secondly, you could send the Tarsier Foundation some money to assist them in maintaining their work to assist us Tarsiers.

If you want to do more personally or have any ideas on how you can assist, then contact my friend and speak to him. Andromedes Banis  or go to the help and support page. Ones again, Thank you so much for your  support...

With all our love,